Birth 1913
- Death 2004
Collection Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp, © SABAM Belgium [YYYY], photo Gert Jochems

Jacques Moeschal follows an architectural training and attends school at the Academy of Brussels (1929 - 1941). Later, he also gives lessons at the same academy. Technically the most challenging and impressive sculpture realised in Belgium is done by Moeschal. It is the Pijl of the Pavilion of Public Architecture during the World’s Fair exhibition in Brussels in 1958. Moeschal makes the work in collaboration with the architect J. Van Doorselaer and engineer A. Padouari. The sculpture has an overhanging piece of 80 metres under which the visitors can walk. The image is the sensation of Expo ’58 at the Heizel, but was later taken apart and destroyed. Moeschal makes monumental sculptures such as Het Signaal in Groot-Bijgaarden along the Brussels-Ostend motorway. He works in the Negev desert and in Mexico (the Zonneschijf for the Olympic Games, 1968). He designs a ceiling painting (1988) for the ticket-windows hall and platforms of the South Station metro in Brussels. Moeschal is impassioned by the technical possibilities of his time. As such, as the first in Belgium, he uses concrete for large-scale sculptural works. The artist evolves towards the geometrical abstract.


Source: House of Literature, Antwerp


CC-BY-NC (Creative Commons 4.0)