Birth 1915
- Death 2013
Marc Mendelson, collection House of Literature, Antwerp.

Marc Mendelson is a painter, aquarellist, silk-screener and sculptor. His British parents settle in Antwerp in 1922. He debuts with the magical realism and evolves (beginning in 1948) into abstract materialist painting and, after 1966, towards a personal neo-figurative art. Beginning in 1962 he experiments with sculpture. Mendelson receives his training at the NHISKA (1934 - 1939, G. van de Woestyne and I. Opsomer) and debuts in Antwerp in 1942. His art is seen by the Germans as ‘entarte Kunst’ and he is arrested during an exhibition in 1943 in Brussels. The artist participates in the exhibitions of Apport (1944 - 1948). In 1944, he settles in Brussels. He is a co-founder and designer of the logo for La Jeune Peinture Belge (1945) and participant in the exhibitions of this group and co-founder of Espace (1952). He is vice-president of Les Amis de l’Art and organiser of events for modern art. He is the author of the wall murals in the Casino of Ostend (1952). He teaches silk-screen at Ter Kameren (1951 - 1980). He is a member of the Royal Academy (1965). Paints the mural panel ‘Happy Metro to you’ in the Park metro station in Brussels (1974). Works in a number of museums in Antwerp, Brussels, Elsene, Ghent, Stockholm, New York (Guggenheim) and Pittsburgh (Carnegie), among others.


Source: House of Literature, Antwerp


CC-BY-NC (Creative Commons 4.0)