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The basis of the plastic arts’ collection of the Museum of Deinze and the Leie Region  was formed by a gift from Mr. and Mrs. L. Matthys-Declercq. This couple from Deinze with a passion for art gifted a part of their collection to the city of Deinze when Luc Matthys passed away. After the death of Mrs. Matthys-Declercq in 2006, the large remaining part of their collection was added. The various works of art by Hugo De Clercq are an example of this.

All remaining works that fall within the category of Abstract Modernism are the result of the acquisitions policy of the museum. It is part of the mission of the Museum of Deinze and the Leie Region to acquire works of art and to organise exhibitions of artists from the Leie Region whose works hold a high artistic value and who are recognised within national or even international art history. This also implies the purchase of works during the period that the artists are still active or work that has not yet received general recognition that will come around in time. This is the reason in the 90’s various works were bought by artists that undeniably fall within the mission and collections’ policy of the museum, though who had previously had few or no significant works belonging to the collection. Many important lacunae within the museum’s collection were filled during this period with purchases. Nagasaki woman by Jan Burssens, Pink Red Spot by Jan Saverys and the works by Raoul De Keyser that fall under Abstract Modernism are all examples. The untitled work by Jan Saverys from 1996 was gifted by the artist to the museum on the occasion of the exhibition that was organised in 1999.

Finally, the collection of the Museum of Deinze and the Leie region also houses some 25 works of art that are possessions of the Flemish community. Triptych by Dan Van Severen is an example of this.


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