Vase no 1
Production date
Object number

oil on vase

8 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm

Beginning in 1921, Peeters begins with the designing of functional objects, such as wall tapestries, tablecloths, pots and thus also vases, of which Vase (no. 1 from a series of 7) (1923) is an example. Typical for Peeters’ applied arts’ activities—and actually this holds true for everything that the Antwerp artist made—is that the concept remains the point of departure. From here, it follows that the element of form, the decorative takes the upper hand over the functionality of the design. This ensures that Peeters’ functional objects often have a whimsical character. The playfulness also attracts the viewer to the Vase from the Mu.ZEE collection. In an apparently disordered manner, the geometrical planes are painted next to and over each other in oil paint upon the colourful vase.
Despite the fact that the artist wanted to reach as large of group as possible by way of his idea of the ‘community art’, Peeters designs remain, however, very exclusive in place of being produced in a series.

CC BY (Creative Commons 4.0)

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