Rolling Clouds
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oil on canvas

200 cm x 169 cm

His meeting with Asger Jorn (1914 - 1973) in 1956 made a deep impression on Maurice Wyckaert (1923 - 1996). It shows in his paintings beginning in the 1960’s. Under the influence of the Danish artist, Wyckaerts use of colour becomes more expressive and he also begins to work with thicker layers of paint.
At the same time, Wyckaert focuses more and more exclusively on his favourite genre, the landscape. In these landscape paintings, the bright colour palette forms the structuring factor; the energy and the vitality of nature are depicted through this as well. The work of Wyckaert is neither figurative, nor abstract. He departs from the reality in order to consequently conduct a purely pictorial or material investigation into the workings of the paint. The ephemeral reality (the clouds, atmosphere, etc.) primarily forms the point of departure for the artist’s paintings. Such is the case with Rolling Clouds (1968) from the Mu.ZEE collection. The composition and the colourfulness of the painting radiate a whirling dynamic. Wyckaert discards the classical perspective here, by which the depth is nearly completely negated. Rolling Clouds consists of contrasting, bright planes of colour; the blue clouds dominating the image’s surface.

CC BY (Creative Commons 4.0)

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