Birth 1880
- Death 1961
Prosper de Troyer, collection House of Literature, Antwerp (archive of Willy Kessels).

In 1882, Prosper de Troyer is a student of the Sint-Lucasschool in Oostakker. He receives lessons from various sculptors in Ghent and meets Gustave van de Woestijne there. Up until 1909 he follows evening courses at the Academy for Visual Arts in Mechelen and there meets Rik Wouters in 1914. During WWI, he participates in the exhibitions of the art circle Doe Stil Voort. In Mechelen De Troyer is a co-founder of the art circle Van Onzen Tijd. He also associates with the Antwerp art circle Moderne Kunst. Originally under the influence of the works by Eugène Laermans and Jacob Smits, De Troyer’s work evolves via Fauvism to futuristic compositions and towards the geometrical abstraction of Jozef Peeters. Around 1922, he departs from the abstract and makes a few figurative-expressionistic works. De Troyer is friends with Michel Ghelderode. 


Source: House of Literature, Antwerp


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