Birth 1900
- Death 1967
Pierre-Louis Flouquet

In 1909, Pierre-Louis Flouquet comes to Brussels with his parents. In 1914, he enrols at the Brussels academy, where he studies until 1919. In that same year, he shares a studio with René Magritte. The first works by Flouquet show a strong influence of Cubism and Futurism, which he learns about in 1920 during his military service.

Back in Brussels he establishes the publication 7 Arts with Pierre Bourgeois and Karel Maes, in which they defend Modernism. In 1925, Flouquet exhibits in the famed gallery Der Sturm in Berlin, where Marthe Donas also displays her work. Also in 1925, along with Marcel-Louis Baugniet and Jean-Jacques Baillard, he establishes the group L’Assaut. Beginning in 1928, his work evolves into a figurative expressionism, but at the start of the 1930’s, he stops with painting and primarily occupies himself as a critic, architectural journalist and writer. In 1930, along with Pierre Bourgeois, Maurice Carême, Georges Linze, Edmond Vandercammen and Géo Norge, he establishes Journal des Poètes.


Source: House of Literature, Antwerp


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