Birth 1892
- Death 1957
Jos Léonard, collection House of Literature, Antwerp (archive of Marnix Gijsen).

Beginning in 1912, Jos Léonard makes works in various artistic styles (Art Nouveau, Futurism and Cubism). He draws realistic portraits and abstracted human figures as well as futuristic city impressions. He is a friend of Paul van Ostaijen and various other representatives of the artistic avant-garde in Antwerp. Steadily he develops his own modernistic image language, which has a leaning towards Russian constructivism. In 1918, along with the painter Jozef Peeters he establishes the group Moderne Kunst.

Beginning in 1924, he engages in the graphic sector. He designs posters and makes book designs for various, chiefly Flemish-leaning publishers. After his death, his work is exhibited at overview exhibitions in the Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, among other places. 


Source: House of Literature, Antwerp


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